Who can advise me?

As a rule, your GP (or company doctor) will be able to give you advice and information about the right kind of help and can weigh all the different possibilities with you. Filling in the self test MIRROR may help to get a first advice. If you wish you can also share your answers and this advice with your GP.

A specific work background may require particular background knowledge from the professional advising or counselling you, which is why we in such cases would advise you to seek help from people/institutions that take this into account; see, for example, the website: Veteranen Loket. Or, if you have been the victim of a criminal offence or crime (violence, abuse, burglary, theft, disappearance) this may also ask for such specific knowledge as, for instance, legal knowledge; in these cases, you are advised to go to the website of Slachtoffer hulp Nederland (Victim Support Netherlands]. The counsellors at Victim Support Netherlands can think along with you in such instances and give you every possible support.