Where can I go to get help

If your complaints are the result of overwhelming / traumatic experiences, there are counsellors available in the Netherlands who are especially trained in psychotrauma and related complaints and are accredited specialist psychotrauma counsellors/therapists. Your own GP/company doctor can refer you to such a specialist counsellor/therapist. To get the right kind of treatment it is important that a correct diagnosis is made and the various causes behind your complaints are properly distinguished. In all instances, a correct diagnosis will considerably increase the chance of your treatment being successful.

An accurate diagnosis will also point you in the direction of the type of help that is best suited to your problem(s). This may involve a social worker, who coaches you in how to deal with stress in general at work; or it may involve a specialist psychotherapist who works through a serious trauma from longer ago with you. For an accurate diagnosis and independent treatment advice, you can contact, through referral by your GP/company doctor, the Psychotrauma Diagnose Centrum (PDC) (the Psychotrauma Diagnosis Centre). The PDC has an extensive list of psychotrauma counsellors and therapists.

In addition, you could also visit the MentaalVitaal website for information on help and organisations.