Problems eating

Perhaps you don’t fancy anything to eat at all. It is as if you can’t taste anything anymore or as if everything tastes the same. Or you are simply too gloomy to eat or you feel guilty when you eat. You know it is nonsense but all the same you feel as if you aren’t showing enough ‘solidarity’. You won’t allow yourself to have a pleasant time of it.

Or, it might be that you eat rather an awful lot and you almost can’t stop eating. It is like you continually feel there is something ‘hungering inside you’. As if you need to fill an empty space, a void. When you eat, you feel safe and comforted. After you have eaten, you feel strong for a while. When you eat, that unpleasant, empty feeling is gone, too, for the moment. Eating gives you the feeling you are alive, which is much better than those gloomy feelings.

What can you do yourself to prevent eating problems developing after a distressing experience? Sometimes, a self-help programme can help. For more information go to ‘Online tools’. If you don’t notice any improvements after you’ve done these programmes, it is important that you seek professional help. Look under ‘Help and Counselling’ on this website to find out where and how best to find professional help.