Problems with concentration

If you have trouble concentrating, you feel as if you can’t concentrate on anything for longer than a couple of seconds. You can be easily distracted by whatever is going on around you but also by your own thoughts. And before you know it, you’re miles away. Sometimes, you may visualise horrific things. At other times it may be as if you are back in the moment of the event. Or, you are doing something and all of a sudden you’ve ‘lost’ some time. Your thoughts must have wandered. This affects your day-to-day life. 

It is also in your contacts with people around you that you can be easily distracted and experience problems because of this. You think, for example, that you’ve said something but then people tell you that you haven’t. Apparently, you’d only thought it. Sometimes you allow your thoughts to wander because you are not so good at listening. Too many unpleasant thoughts run through your head when you listen to other people. People blame you for not showing enough interest. Usually, that is not the case at all. You are genuinely interested but you very quickly feel flooded by all the things going on inside. And then you’d rather let yourself be distracted for a while.

There are online programmes that could help you with this. These online programmes aim to give you insight into your own thinking patterns and offer you tools to fight negative thoughts. Go to ‘Online tools' for more information.