Physical complaints

Your body is acting up

Your body reacts, too, of course. You may feel aches and pains in all sorts of places, all your muscles are tense, you have palpitations. Perhaps, you feel dead tired and lack the energy to do the things you used to enjoy. Sometimes, these complaints will not go away. You begin to worry because your symptoms only seem to be increasing.

Unexplained physical symptoms

Research has shown that people who have endured shocking experiences may experience physical complaints for quite a while; tiredness, headaches, sore muscles, low backaches and sickness are common symptoms. Extensive medical tests don’t, in many cases, provide doctors with any physical causes to account for these complaints. Doctors can, however, link this kind of complaints with the difficult situation someone has been in. They then use the term ‘unexplained physical symptoms’.

These unexplained symptoms may present considerable restrictions. You are, for example, incapable of picking up your daily routines. Or, you lack the energy to socialise with other people. And that even includes friends or relatives. This often leads to incomprehension: on the part of your friends, your partner, your family or others around you.

When, 4-6 weeks later, you still have these symptoms, then don’t hesitate to contact your GP (or company doctor). S/he can think along with you and suggest what possible steps to take next and, for instance, refer you to a psychologist.