Down in the dumps

Overwhelming experiences can make you feel as if the bottom has been knocked out of your existence. The world that once was so familiar suddenly looks totally different. You may experience negative, sometimes contradictory thoughts and emotions: indignation, resentment, guilt, shame, helplessness and hopelessness. These may combine to make you feel more and more gloomy. If this feeling of gloom doesn’t get less or disappear by itself, it may have an adverse effect on how you are doing in the longer run. Then the gloom will get too strong a hold of you.


Predominantly gloomy

If you are often very gloomy, you notice that you have no energy left whatsoever. You somehow can’t get round to doing things. You can’t even work up any enthusiasm for the things you used to enjoy. Everything you do is an enormous effort. And sometimes you can’t see the point of doing something in any case. You feel a dull sort of indifference. As if nothing matters anymore. As if there is a sound-proof bell jar around you. You do notice all sorts of things around you but you can’t respond to them spontaneously. Actually, you don’t really want to respond, you’d much rather be left alone. But when you are left alone, horrific images and feelings surface again.

If this is the case, how do you get rid of these terrible images and feelings? Online exercises may help but sometimes you really need professional help. Go to ‘Online tools’ and ‘What next’ for a few links to online exercises to help you recognise certain thinking patterns and break them.

If these programmes aren’t much help to you and you keep feeling gloomy, have a look under ‘Help and Counselling’ on this website to find out where and how best to find professional help