Complaints after shocking events

A very stressful event will always have some sort of impact on you. It will always remain a defining experience in your life. Some may find it enriching, others struggle to cope with the experience(s).

About 80% of the people who have been through a distressing event recover under their own steam, about 15% experience some complaints following the event while about 5% need intensive specialist help.
We have outlined the most common complaints for you here. You will find a list in the navigation menu on this page.

This website focuses on ‘empowerment’, and aims to provide people with information and tools to help them cope with and process the overwhelming event on their own as much as possible. People are resilient; they usually have a natural ability to restore their health. However, they don’t always manage to straightaway. Sharing your story with others who have the same or similar experiences may help you. This can be especially valuable when you are still trying to give a distressing experience a place in your life. See for example the forums of Victim Support Netherlands (Slachtofferhulp Nederland), or check if there are other forums for people with similar experiences that are specifically relevant to you (because of a specific work background, for example, or because the distressing event hit several people). Also, go to ‘Online tools’ for more information about self-help tools aimed at reducing psychological complaints.